I wrote a biography to match my avatar, partially to explore within myself why I created him the way he is, partially to indirectly share stuff of my RL bio, partially for the fun of it, and partially cuz I was nudged by one of my best friends to think about something very close to a biography.
More info can be found in the “A Biography Story” post.

2 notes:
The RL joints worked into this bio are hidden under a cloak of romantization or dramatization, see if you can spot them ;o)
I also entangled aspects Second Life® offers, I’m sure you’ll recognise some of them.

Here goes:


The Story of Gany

The early years of Gany are situated at the edge of a small hillside village, very close to the wide but gloomy forest which almost completely surrounded it.
It was a rather tranquil place to live now, but had a productive past as a regional hotspot for the carving of millstones. Millstones being a necessity for several centuries in this part of the country resulted into a rather classy village appearance.


As a child, Gany was always considered “weird” by the other children, resulting in lonely hours in the small house where he and his mother lived. Living in one of the smallest houses in the village also didn’t help much since most children were spoiled and pampered by their well funded parents.
Gany learned quickly to ignore the other kids whenever they were gloating or bragging against each other, and enjoyed reading in the shade of some trees at the other side of the schools courtyard.

Soon as his mother would allow it, Gany went out when he got bored, crossed the field behind their vegetable garden and explored the clear parts of the nearby forest.
In time, he walked deeper and deeper towards the heart of the forest, getting to know new animals, unusual forest plants and became comfortable with the comforting
silence this part of the forest usually had.

When he turned 13, his mother revieled her witch powers to him, and ensured him that despite the low amount of such powers he apparently held himself, he would still be able to develop his magical side and get in touch with the magical aspects of this world.
Compared to his mother, Gany was hardly a magical person at all for the first couple years, being more of a witness of the magical world then a practician. But he observed closely and tried to experiment whenever he managed to bring up enough courage.
As time passed by, she explained the gift isn’t necessarily different for everybody, but the amount of enchanted blood can be influenced during the pregnancy by things as environmental changes, high stress levels, aggressive diseases, powerful blood of a non-enchanted human, and simply being in denial of your powers during your pregnancy.
Yet she never revealed which reason it was in his case.


Slowly, Gany developed his powers, and although the few he had were quite impressive, they all came with a downside:

  • he learned to change the hair on his body as he desired, make it grow or shed simply by focusing on it and change it’s color, but it attracted fleas when it reached a certain length and didn’t have an endless color scheme to choose from (some gradients of red and brown, pink, blue, white and black)
  • he learned how to grow wings (itching but fast to grow) and learned how to fly with them, but he still would have to cut them if he no longer had any use for them, and even if the scars would heal and completely vanish after a while, cutting them remained extremely painful
  • he could “borrow” appearances of certain animals, but the transformation took so much effort and magical energy it took days before he had recuperated enough to change back
  • he could feel the life flowing in plants and flowers, instantly knowing if it was poisonous or not, and aid those that were doing badly, but for that he would have to take the life energy of a living creature (however there were plenty of wasps in spring and summer)
  • he learned to heal injuries on himself and other animals, but would need to tap into the life juices of plants, bushes or trees for it (his mother instructed parasite plants like mistletoe were what he should search for whenever needing to use this ability)
  • the moonlight allowed him to see and interact with magical creatures, but the first sight of sunlight would cause them to disappear (which resulted in loving sunsets and slowly turning into a Child of the Night)
  • on the solstices and equinoxes he gained the power to use one of natures elements, but since the special power to bend either air, water, earth or fire only lasted for a single day in an entire year , it made learning how to control the elements hard


When he turned 17, his mother admitted the existence of 2 slightly older brothers, being raised separately by her 2 sisters, and was instructed to not go search for them, but to wait until they contacted him

Luckily, a bit after his 22nd birthday a fox turned up on his doorstep holding a note with an address, and a couple days later he was looking into the greyish blue eyes of his oldest brother.

In the meantime, he had encountered and fallen in love with a sweet and gentle lion, who spoiled him with affection and the warmth of his heart. He didn’t hesitate to accept the collar the lion one day gave him, and wears it with great pride.

Within a year, a dark haired dingo pounced him in the forest and handed a party invitation, where he got to know his 2nd brother, and instantly noticed he too had a twinkle of mischief in his dark green eyes.
It was at this party where he also met several other relatives, and recognised people he had seen visiting his mother during nighttime (spying from the staircase while he should have been in bed).

Gany now spends most of his time with his family, and enclosed many new friends into his heart.


The rest is easy: I’m living happily ever after with my Love, family and friends :o)



  1. this is a terrific explanation as to how we all met.. I dig it.

  2. Gany, I love this story! It weaves so many elements together and makes me want to read more about the events in your life. I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of parallel worlds – SL gives us an opportunity to explore our alternate lives.

  3. Nice!!! Love the story!
    It explains a lot about you and over all is a total expression of yourself and your personality.

  4. Wonderful style of writting it, I love it!!

  5. /me grins at all the comments
    thanks for liking it everybody!

  6. This is beautiful Gany 🙂 What a wonderful idea! And the story fits you so well 🙂

  7. Love this Gany. Wish I’d discovered your blog much sooner.

  8. ❤ Keeran

  9. Hehe…really well written bro ;0)

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