Posted by: ganymedes1985 | July 12, 2011


Meet Blue Leland, a southern beau from a good home who ran away and finds himself on the road towards a better place.

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But life’s a bumpy road.
He’s a sweet boy, but not shy of a prank or two on occasion. He helps out where he can to earn some food or new boots, but is very much aware of his charm to use as an asset to talk himself out of dodgy situations… or into lucrative ones.
He dances for cash, cheats during poker, raids your fruit trees, hitchhikes, sneaks out the back without paying, bathes in rivers or creeks and on many occasions he’s slept with your daughters, wives, husbands and sons.

Yes, this southern boy with hair the color of a shady night is sure to make a stir in many little towns on the road towards a better place.
Love him or hate him, he will certainly leave his mark on you.

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SKIN: CheerNo ~ Dallas [Ginger – Sunny]
EYES: Poetic Colors ~ Autumn [glade]
HAIR & HAT: Moderno ~ Keith (vintage item)
TATTOO: G-squared ~ Sailor’s End

SHIRT: Respect! ~ Turquoise shirt boy
CAPRI: WoE ~ Graecyn jeans
BOOTS: RawDolls ~ Catbash Boots
NECKLACE: Inca Temple ~ Taurus
EARRING: Bellies ~ Feather earring
RING: Exodi ~ Decoder ring (old Project Themory item)


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