Posted by: ganymedes1985 | February 25, 2011

InterWebz & YouTube Pretties

Mad Men Myself

A dress-up site in a 1950’s style!
I wish they would do this for every decade!

I don't smoke, but I keep it true to the 50's!At the end you can download your creation in 4 handy sizes (icon buddy, from the waist up, standard computer screen and landscape screen size).

I don’t smoke, but I keep it true to the 50’s!(The site requires the latest flash plugins)


Another persona check tool!
This screens your persona according to certain key words across any site that it can find your name on, and balances out those keywords according to subject, the most popular ones end up in the path, with a corresponding size relative to the top key words from other subjects…
Yikes that sounded confusing!

Just use the link and enjoy the ride! All you have to do is enter your full name (no numbers, so I couldn’t enter Ganymedes1985 for example) and hit the button. And no 2 MetroPaths are ever the same, not even when using the same name.

(The site requires the latest flash plugins)

Below is mine 
(I have no idea what the “sports” section is doing in there, nor why it’s that big!)

click it to check out a larger resolution
click it to check out a larger resolution

KAVINSKY – Testarossa Autodrive

Just pump up your speakers or headphones, sit back, and enjoy! (I did!)

Doll Face

(by Andrew Thomas Huang)
A very good example of how good humans can create their own downfall to reach distant goals, that get even more distant as they get closer to it…


Remember this?

Originally there was something else planned for the 5th spot, but Raul beat me to it 😉
Go check it out at his blog.

Alice and Kev (About being homeless in The Sims 3)
I don’t have The Sims 3, and never played an actual Sims game. But from what I’ve seen so far from TS3, I’m tempted… intensely. The only thing holding me back is that I already have very limited online time, and I think SL really offers a touch more creativity still, so I should really focus on that, and not get sidetracked.
Besides all that, I still find TS3 intriguing enough to follow a bit about it here and there. The best site I’ve stumbled across with is the site of Alice and Kev, a homeless guy and his daughter, and how their lives unfold.
Even if you’re not a fan of TS3, or any virtual world for that matter, I suggest to still check it out. There’s something so touching about both characters that it reads like a good novel… an occasional touching or totally “emotional rollercoaster moment” included!

Lost Generation & it’s opposite

The 1st one is pretty nice, but the 2nd one is where it gets some criticism. I thought I needed to post both of them for some reason, though I can’t name which reason that is…

 Color Scheme Designer
A really handy too to find out RGB colors codes, and discover which colors are complementary, work in a triade or any ofther type of color combinations.
Have a go with the different preview styles and play with the hues and scheme until you’ve tweaked your color scheme to perfection.


Besides games on ArmorGames or FatRat, one of my favourite timewaster solutions are to Google more unusual types of architecture or photography.

One hit this month came from a guy who takes pictures of a landscape that is… entirely made out of food.

Wouldn’t you love to take one of these Italian ham cypresses? Or how about a wavey leaf of red cabbage?

Carl Warner, the guy behind these (and a lot more) is often asked to make them as artsy advertisements, and if you ask me it’s a lot more interesting and much prettier to look at than your average food ad pic.

click for larger resolution

Weebl’s Stuff > Toons

Sooooooo strange but funny you can’t stop watching these clips (that often are looped)! My Personal favorite so far is “Amazing Horse“… I can’t get it out of my head now.

click for larger resolution

You are a…

In this months 15 seconds of light entertainment, there’s nothing better than the most silly combinations of random words.

Just use the link above and click each of the 4 rapidly shifting words and be amused with the results.

Eddie Izzard… in Lego©

For more fun with Lego©, check out some of the YouTube clips (made for fragments out of the shows) of stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard! I guarantee you’ll laugh your heart out!


Everybody does a doodle sometimes, or grabs a pen(cil) and a bit of paper for a quick sketch to kill a bit of time. But what if you’d wanna do that on your PC?

click for larger resolution… if you dare to

Sketchy, one of many fun tools found at allows you to use your mouse (or I suppose a Wacom if you have it) for simple online sketching!
Just press and drag! Dragging slower will give you heavy lines, if you go faster the lines become more faint.
You can also play with colors! The left box at the top (default black) is your “mouse” color, the right box (default white) is your background color.
On the right is a 7 minute… uhm… thingy.

When finished you can save it, or just press Clear for a fresh start!


A neat little “toy” for your blog / website! We’ve all seen category clouds, but this is a word cloud! The more often the word is used, the larger it’ll appear!

Just go to Create, paste an url / text / user name, press Go/submit and voila! You can play with layouts, fonts, colors and alike before you paste it somewhere or save it to disc.
Classic, perhaps, but still great!
(PS: it would appear it only checks the most recent posts on a blog, but still is a lot of fun)

DiVAS: S02E02

Remember Phaylen? Not too long ago she returned with a new season where SL meets WoW, and the story continues!

Robot Tralala

I don’t believe there’s anybody out there who hasn’t seen the “Russian Trololo singer” (but if you haven’t go ahead and use the link), but the robot version of it is even more crazy hilarious!

Watch the world by Robbie Dingo

Even after several years it remains one of the prettiest clips ever made within Second Life®, and it’s viewable on the Steamworks plot at SL7B Unique!

Hi! (Human Interface)

(I really stand in awe at the creativity of the people behind this clip)
(YouTube quality isn’t as good as the clip originally posted on Vimeo)

Chanel N°5 

(I love the background, the settings, the details… this makes me dream)
(the 2009 Chanel ad with Audrey Tatou, directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet)

World Builder

(this makes me smile, feel warm, get amazed and shed several tears)

A Frozen Flower

A very controversial movie about a Royal family of the Korean Goryeo Dynasty, based on a true story.
A tale about captivating love, an impossible question with results that tear you apart, desire, devotion and (a little bit of) politics…
Mix all of this together and the result is a painfully intense movie.

When this movie was over, I had so many feelings about it that they kept me awake till almost 1 AM… well 3 hours after I had left the theatre.
It’s a great movie, I definately will try to find it somewhere on DVD, but if you ask me this is more than your average melodrama… it comes very close to a Tragedy in the true style of an Ancient Greek play.
The tragic climax of the story (and several things that leads to it) is so intense that it leaves a deep impression that lingers inside you for quite a bit. Long enough, even, to make the attempt of creating a happy twist in the last 30 seconds of the movie doesn’t comfort you… no matter how sweet they may have recorded it.
At least, those 30 seconds didn’t do to me what I think they were supposed to do…
Despite all that, this movie was still a powerful emotional rollercoaster, had a great story and was a visual pleasure, so I gave it a 5 for the Viewers Choice Awards too.

Un Hombre, Dos Mujeres

Telenovelas are all the rage on TV these last couple years… here’s a little spoof on them that made me cackle from insanity!

Glee spoof

I love Glee, and so do these guys!
(yes a double post but they’re both so awesome! And isn’t Manny Garcia yummy?) 😀

The Sandpit

A day in the life of New York City, as seen in miniature… just WOW! Naturally, this isn’t truly shot in a miniature scale New York, but it’s an effect they added on top of the 35000 stop-motion captures they made with a very good camera. Here’s a bit more info on how they shot it!


I recently tried a coffee at Starbucks (finally) since I was at Brussels Airport, where 3 of Belgiums mere 4 Starbucks Coffee shops are located… This clip really captures my experience there.

Caburlesque @ BGT 2008

A bit of an oldie perhaps, yes, but still great if you ask me!

JK wedding entrance dance

This already proved to be one of the YouTube hits of 2009, and I still love it!

The Story of Stuff

An interesting slap in the face of how over-consumation slowly brings the entire globe down… Message received I’ld say!

BP Spills Coffee

In the light darkness of recent events…

And then there was Salsa

In itself this is a pretty neatly created commercial for a dip sauce, but it looks even cooler with the “screenfill-effect” on Vimeo!


Even if you never saw the Pixar movie Up! (which is really nice so you should anyway) this clip is still cool to watch!

Gay French McDonald’s ad

God how I love this openminded clip!
It’s a big step forward when a big institution like McD gives the green light for this type of commercial… even if it is just for the French (but thanks to YouTube and PH it’s global!).

Lightning strikes Chicago skyscrapers

More from nature, this guy sure got lucky capturing this!

aniBOOM: Overexposed

I recently came across the aniBOOM channel on YouTube, below is one of my favourites, but they have loads more from various contributors!

Crab Wars

I just love this song and the clip they made for it is awesome!!!

Happy Ending Massage

All guys have a dirty mind, and don’t let anybody try to convince you otherwise.

Prince Poppycock

I just loved this! I’m rooting for him!

He can sing… a bit… who knew?

There’s really not much to say about this one… just feast your eyes!

They star in clips of a different nature too!

I’m not a muscle freak, but… I’m sure you can imagine that after seeing this, I wished I hadn’t discovered this at work since there’s no cold shower at our disposal there 😉
(that was before they blocked YouTube at work)


These monks found a great alternative for cookies!
(even if it has to be lured into their hands by a nun)

Jim Bean “Parallels”

A really nicely made ad if you ask me.

Pipe Instrument performance

Mario Bros. and Gaga! WIN!

Awkward moment

I’m sure you’ll have seen it, but still: BAM!



  1. The Jim Beam ad is amazing! Willem Dafoe just nailed every piece of that. Thank you for posting it.

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