Posted by: ganymedes1985 | August 27, 2010

Home is where the heart is…

Some might know it, some will only now find out: Ursa Major will be sold. It’s staying in the family though, as Thaumata and Kisa will purchase it.

This does mean that there will be an extensive (read: complete) sim overhaul, and as a result all renters were asked to clear their lands before the transaction is made between Raul and Thau.
In other words: bye bye Costagravas Yalisi… and farewell Ursa Bazaar.

picture by Lano Ling

We’ll stay at Ursa though, everybody preferred to stay together, so under the new management most of us will create a new home. This also means that I’m not sad to see it all go, I knew things like these aren’t forever, but after all the time I put into it, I want mementos of it… pictures, the more the better, in plenty of styles and executions. Sad thing is: my RL schedule doesn’t permit me to take any at all.

I’ll be away this coming weekend and the majority of next week. Work is claiming me too with long days at the office since I’m “on watch” for the entire month of August, and as from the 6th of September I’ll transfer to an other department with a more intense work load. SL right now really is on “maintenance mode”, know what I mean?

click for larger resolution

So I planned to ask around for pictures, I first tackled my Flickr list, but as Flickr is blocked at work I had to do that hastily in the few I hours I’m home before I have to go to bed, and I know I forgot plenty of people.
If you read this, and you have a bit of spare time between now and the 5th of September, and think of yourself as good with scenic pics, feel free to use these SLurls to my house and / or Ursa Bazaar to help me get as much varied “souvenir pictures” of my creations at Ursa Major.
Don’t let that set you back to take pictures of other areas too! Some people already packed up their things, but others still have to pack.

I leave you total artistic freedom to play with lighting or post-process the pictures you take to your own style and interests, for all I know you like doing the gloomy dark stormy scenic pics with rain and thunder and whatever, or go totally super-happy-fun with bright colors, it’s up to you!
When finished, please contact me so I can give you my email so you can send me the pic in the full resolution version.

There’s also no time limit on when the pictures have to be finished, you can work on them for as long as you need, taking them however should really happen before the 5th of September, as from the 6th I’ll start linking, boxing and packing everything up to assure Raul, Thau and myself that by the 11th (one day before the transaction) the entire sim is empty, and Ursa Major, as it was, is only accessable from within our hearts…



  1. I’m glad I got the chance to visit your beautiful home before you had to take it down! ❤

  2. Don’t worry Gany! The new sim will be wonderful and we’ll love it just as much. And like I said, if you prefer to keep this same home, I will make sure there is a place that’s just right for it. ❤

    • Oh but I’m ok with letting it go, I’m sorta looking forward to make something new! I just want pics, loads of ’em if possible, as a memory.

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