Posted by: ganymedes1985 | November 18, 2009

ArmorGames: Eridani

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

We all know it, so a site I love to go to for some “light entertainment”, is I’m not a big fan of all their games, but from time to time I find one that’s either fun, good braintrain or simply a more fun way of nerve-wrecking myself :p
Pretty much all games are Flash Player games, so make sure you’re up to date with that!
Some games are operated by the arrow keys, some by your mouse, but here and there there’s also WASD games, which are a pain for European keyboards! Specific platform games with multiple levels sometimes also track your progress, unless you clean out your cookies.

Today I’m gonna suggest: Eridani

The facts are these:
You had to leave your own solar system and are in search of a new home. However, the only solar system you were able to find is already inhabited by a species and they’re not very friendly.
This solar system is divided into 13 sectors. Your objective is to conquer each sector at a time. Only when you’ve conquered all 12 outer sectors can you go forth to the center sector… Earth (I suspect this was created by BattleStar Galactica fan?).
As you slowly claim each sector for yourself, specific types of upgrades are unlocked (however you do need to re-purchase most of these upgrades at each new sector you select to conquer).
Your Tech level will slowly adjust itself with the game, but you can still purchase extra upgrades for it. Some upgrades only become available after you have purchased extra Tech level.

Some tips:

  • This isn’t a quick game. Each sector took me roughly 15 to 25 minutes to conquer.
  • Sometimes the enemy was quicker at building a good fleet (for example if it was near a meteor cluster so it’s mining drones provided extra resources more quickly) and can defeat you if you didn’t invest in defensive structures.
  • Torpedo turrets are more expensive but a lot better than laser turrets. I recommend totally ignoring the laser turret soon as the torpedo turret becomes available.
  • Without resources and power, you can’t build anything. So those facilities are the first you need to attack, and at the same time make sure you can defend your own ones.
  • When your Mobile Construction Ship is about to make a Command Center, try to make sure it’s not facing the enemy’s planet. There is an interplanetary missile silo available after you’ve conquered some sectors, and without the Command Center you can’t rebuild any of your facilities (should you need to).
  • Your entire fleet of spaceships (of any type) can only exist out of 20. Sometimes it’s necessary to sacrifice older models for new ones.
  • It’s also wise to stock up on resources before you plan to attack the planet of the enemy, so you can quickly build extra ships should your fleet get in trouble.
  • Creating a 2nd colony on a nearby planet can sometimes be handy if a meteor cluster is near it to make the trip for your mining drones shorter.
  • If you have multiple planets to choose from for creating your first colony in this sector, try to choose one that is obstructed by an other planet from the enemy. This will make it harder for their (but also your own) interplanetary missiles to reach its goal.

But everything is of course explained step by step as you make your way trough the sectors.



  1. Cool blogpost, I did not thought reading this was going to be so great when I read the title.

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