Posted by: ganymedes1985 | February 28, 2009

ArmorGames: Phage Wars

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”
We all know it, so a site I love to go to for some “light entertainment”, is

I’m not a big fan of all their games, but from time to time I find one that’s either fun, good braintrain or simply a more fun way of nervewrecking myself :p
Pretty much all games are Flash Player games, so make sure you’re up to date with that! Some games are operated by the arrow keys, some by your mouse, but here and there there’s also WASD games, which are a pain for European keyboards! Specific platform games with multiple levels sometimes also track your progress, unless you clean out your cookies. Today, I’m gonna suggest Phage Wars:

For those of you who love the first part of Spore, where you’re just a cell trying to eat smaller organisms and steer clear from bigger ones, this will be fun! The goal is easy: become the dominant species. There’s a variety of 8 species, all have their own color, and at the start you get to choose which one will be you. The remaining 7 will be your opponents in various levels of the game. Don’t worry, you’ll never have to deal with more then 3 opponent species at the same time, most of the time it’s just 1 or 2.
Note: each species comes with their own level of strength, speed and agility, so choose wisely!

Good to know is that all the cells you see on the field have numbers (in the first half of the game, as from level 11 till you finish it at level 20, the competiting species will no longer show their number).
This is the amount of living organisms a cell has got inside itself, so if you want your species to claim that cell, you’ll have to beat that number by sending organisms from your own cell to the other cell. (helpfull tip: power in number! send organisms from multiple cells to attack 1 cell, just hover over 2, 3 or max 8 cells you call your own to send a massive blast attack).
At the start of each level the “Species” only have 1 cell to call their own, and “blank” cells, in various sizes, are scattered all over the field.
Inside the cells a species can “breed” more living organisms, however these van very in strength: some “breed” slower then others and sometimes they can actually “grow” in size to accomodate it’s growing amount of organisms, but there are cells that appear to have more trouble with this and kill some organisms instead to a level it can sustain.
Naturally, if your Species’ color drops to 0 living organisms, your species becomes extinct (however the game isn’t over then, the level just restarts itself).
Anyway, there’s a quick toturial that does a much better job at explaining the basics then me 😉

When you’ve finished all levels and became the dominant species, you’ll return to the start screen and get to try it all over with the remaining 7.

My personal favourites are Red, Purple and Black, but don’t underestimate White and Green, they can be a real pain when they gain in numbers.


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