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My Barcelona vacation, Day 5: 25th of June 2008

The last day… The second I woke up that was the only thing on my mind…
I’ve had so much fun these last few days, I didn’t want to leave…

Still, I started packing my bag, took a last shower and put on something comfortable to wear.
After a large breakfast I sadly missed a step and fell down the stairs! Ouch!!!
It felt a bit sore, but I managed, and went to fetch my travel case and paid my bill.
I left my travel case in the luggage room of the hotel, and went towards the last thing still on my “must see” list: the Picasso Museum.

There already was a long line of people waiting to enter the museum, but I noticed a little sign at the main entrance: “Groups / Barcelona Card / ARTicket“, accompanied by an arrow.
So, since I had an ARTicket, I followed the arrows. Apparently there’s 3 entrance gates: one for “normal” visitors, one for groups, and the last is exclusively for those holding a Barcelona Card or ARTicket. No people standing in line there at all! Lucky me!!!

Once inside, you’re told to leave coats, bags and alike behind at the storage room at the back of the downstairs hall.
You can take any staircase in one of the 3 courtyards to start your tour around the museum.
There’s a photography ban on the entire exhibition floor, both inside as outside it. So even if you want to take a picture of yourself on a balcony, a supervisor will prevent you from taking it.

The collection focuses on the life and artistic development of Picasso. Each room has it’s own period: early works he made in his youth, commissioned works, landscapes, his blue and pink period, all the way to the cubic style we all know.
Besides that, there’s also a hall showing his experiments with prints, ceramics and a section devoted to his Las Meninas-inspired paintings.

I wasn’t really enjoying the museum with my sore ankle. There weren’t many benches around, and I constantly was behind a group of German art students with sketchbooks and pencils who had already claimed the benches for themselves by the time I entered a room…

Out of all the works displayed here, I really enjoyed the ones showing his blue period and the prints section.
I skipped the souvenir shop, I wasn’t in the mood for it. I sorta wish I had, because there was 1 print I really liked, and there’s no picture of it on the web: “Faun y Rei” (I think it’s called that… it’s a print in brown and black, showing a faun and somebody wearing a crown).

While I was walking towards the Rambla to get back to my hotel, I was texting with Raul to check lunch arrangements. We initially would meet at 2.30 PM, but it now would be 1.30, so I now had less then 40 minutes to return to my hotel and fetch my travel case, go to the Plaça Catalunya station of Metro L7, and
meet with Raul!!! Eeek!
On my way, I passed the bar where Raul and I had started out Sunday evening, and since there was a rare moment without much people nearby, I quickly took a picture of it… as memento 😉
I arrived 2 minutes late at the Gracía metro Station, but Raul was just arriving himself as I arrived at the top of the stairs 😉

We had a nice lunch at Fonte De La Muller (Via Augusta nr° 59). I once again was surprised to see it was so inexpensive to eat here in Barcelona: € 19,00 for soup, main course, dessert with coffee and drinks for both Raul and myself! Here in BE, you’ld pay € 19 each for sure!

We kept chatting and laughing till the very last second. I didn’t want to let go of that “goodbye-hug”, but knew he had to return to work, and I had a plane to catch. So, I had to let go and went down the steps of the Metro station…


Those gates you need to pass when you enter and leave Metro stations aren’t really made for people with travel cases, and it often was a struggle between all the different gates I had to pass on my way towards the Sants train station. I only just managed to catch my train: the doors were closing, but I quickly pushed the button to re-open them, and managed to get on quickly… seconds later, it departed towards Barcelona – El Prat de Llobregat Airport.

Half an hour later, I was crossing the pedestrian bridge over the carport again, and when I arrived at the terminal, the heath of the building hit me in the face like a hot wet towel. Soon enough, I felt the sweat on my forehead, and after the check-in, I went back outside, where at least I was welcomed by a soft breeze.

I didn’t know how long it would take me to find my gate, but I was sure it would be a distant one, so I went back inside and searched my way towards the gates about an hour before boarding time. Good thinking: the security check had a loooong line with people waiting! That line alone took almost 15 minutes!
I was right about the whereabouts of my gate: it turned out to be one of the last in the B-Terminal of the airport.
As always, I try to go to the bathroom in the airport. I don’t like the ones on the plane at all! When I found one on the way to my gate, I noticed it was even warmer in there compared to the already hot terminal building! I tried to make it quick, but by the time I had washed my hands a drop of sweat found it’s way from my forehead to the tip of my nose, and dropped on the floor…

Boarding and everything went smoothly. I had the window seat, and as Clickair flight XG 1223 took off I hoped to catch a last look of the city. Sadly, that look only lasted about a second, after that I was looking at the water of the Mediterranean Sea…

During the flight I tried to not have a sad look on my face. Since my window seat was right in front of the wing, I had one of the engines as view. The name of the airline was painted on both sides, but the 1st letter was hidden under the wing, and, I can assure you, reading “lickair” for almost 2 hours will help keep you smiling 😉

When the plane had landed and docked at the gate at Brussels Airport, the light of the sun was pooring right into the building. I had checked, and had about 45 minutes to make my way from my gate at the A-Pier, go underneath the tarmac, fetch my travel case and take the elevator down to the train station.
Very tight!
It was Barcelona all over again! My gate here was one of the last. Walking down the A-Pier here in Brussels takes a while, going under the tarmac takes a while too, and we all know that waiting for your luggage can take… well a while “at best”.

I was still having trouble with my sore ankle, but managed to be in time to catch my train to Ghent. During the train ride I made a couple calls, and when I arrived back in Ghent… my eyes got a little teary…
I knew, without doubt, that when I would get out on the platform, for me, this vacation, the first I ever made all on my own, the one that had turned out to be one great experience after an other (ignoring me falling down the stairs in the morning and making a bad-shoe-choice on Sunday for a second), would be officially…

Flickr photo set of Day 5
(note: Day 4 and Day 5 are grouped into 1 photoset, because I only made 2 pictures on Day 5)

View from my window seat

View from my window seat


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